This variety was the winery’s first discovery – of which we now have 14 vintages worth of experience. It is mid-maturing, with attractive aromas of sour cherry. The resulting wine has good acidity and structure, is well-suited to barrel ageing, and has excellent ageing potential.

Feketefájú bajor és kék bajor

These are mid-early maturing varieties, with large clusters and berries, and little colouring. The Feketefájú Bajor variety’s stalk is black, giving it its name (‘Black-stemmed Bavarian’). The wine is light – reminiscent of red berries – and uniquely spiced. It is also suitable as a base for sparkling wine.

Fekete muskotály

This variety matures early, has an intense Muscat aroma, and produces a light wine.

Hajnos kék

This variety is medium sized with a very compact cluster – and is prone to rot in rainy weather. It makes a complex, fruity wine.


Intensely fruity, with raspberry notes, this variety produces a wine that is deeply coloured with good acidity – and is suitable for long ageing.

Kék szilváni

This variety is late maturing with small clusters and berries. It produces a wine with good acidity and structure.

Tarcali kék

This is a late-maturing variety from Syrmia, that results in a wine with high acidity and tannins.

Tihanyi kék

A mid-maturing variety with a unique spice character, it produces a wine which is light, but well-structured – there is nothing like it.


This is a very late-maturing, small, loose-bunched, and low-yielding ancient Hungarian variety once grown in Tokaj-Hegyalja.